Mro, also known as Murong, an indigenous community living for hundreds of years in the south-eastern hills of Bangladesh were frustrated for not having formal religion. The myth depicts that like other tribes God offered them a religion and language alphabet but the script written on banana leaf was eaten by the bearer cow. They used to punish the representative cow in a festival which became their most distinctive ritual. Among other 11 tribes in the same hills Mro is the only half-nude community who are illustrious for their Dance and Music. In 1984, a man named Manley Mro came up as the redeemer who brings them out of this catastrophe. He first introduced Mro Alphabet as well as scripted their lost religion which is now known as “Crama”. In the course of three decade, the Mro in major numbers have converted to Crama (or Khrama). Now it is working as spiritual and philosophical catalyst for change in the community and leading to a socio-cultural transformation.